Study of the painters of Skagen

Conducted: 2015-09-02 — 2015-09-06

Purpose: Study and analyse the painters of Skagen. Participate in the SJSF board meeting

We started our adventure at the Copenhagen Plaza Hotel, where we were met by Nina B-R. After celebrations onboard the Fulton schooner we moved on to Grethe’s charming place in Frederiksberg for drinks, songs and dinner. Next day onwards to Skagen. Many interesting visits.


Hip, Hip Hurray! the most famous of Kroyer’s paintings. Magnus V from Vadstena Sweden proposing a toast
for our patron Yohei Sasakawa. Kjeld Erik raises his glass while Grethe controls the situation at the rear of the table.


Scandinavian Organization: SJSF-Denmark

Host Organization: SJSF-Tokyo

Observations: Kröyer's paintings.