Patron: Mr Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman, The Nippon Foundation

Honorary Member: Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson

Honorary Chairman: Ambassador Magnus Vahlquist, Former Ambassador of Sweden to Japan


The Foundation is governed by a board consisting of 13 members. The chairman shall be a Swedish citizen.



Mrs Elisabeth Nilsson (Sweden), Former Governor of Östergötland County, Sweden


Vice Chairmen:

Professor Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard (Denmark), Former Director of Centre for Asian Studies, Copenhagen Business School

Dr. Jussi Nuorteva (Finland), Former Director General, National Archives of Finland; Chancellor, Orders of White Rose of Finland and Lion of Finland

Professor Anna Agnarsdóttir (Iceland), Professor Emeritus, University of Iceland

Mr Tatsuya Tanami (Japan), Former Managing Director, Center for Human Rights Education and Training

Professor Asbjørn Rolstadås (Norway), Professor Emeritus, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Mrs Ewa A. Kumlin (Sweden), Director, Swedish Institute in Paris; Cultural Counsellor, Swedish Embassy in Paris


Board members:

Professor Maja Horst (Denmark), Head of Section, Innovation Division, DTU Management, DTU Technical University of Denmark

Professor Sixten Korkman (Finland), Professor Emeritus, Aalto University, Finland; Former Director General of ECOFIN (EU)

Ambassador Kiyotaka Akasaka (Japan), President, Former President, Foreign Press Center, Tokyo; Former UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information

Mr Ichiro Kabasawa (Japan), Executive Director, The Nippon Foundation; Former Senior News Editor, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

Professor Henrik Syse (Norway), Research Director, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO); Member of the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Mr Edvard Fleetwood (Sweden), Secretary General, Sweden-Japan Foundation


Secretary to the Board:

Mr Edvard Fleetwood (Sweden), Secretary General, Sweden-Japan Foundation