NameProject TitleGrant amount
Anders Saxon“Japanese Picture Postcards A Forgotten Art”20 000
Natalia LindgrenMaster Thesis at Tokyo University: Implementation of IMJ in a FEM-model of a cardiomyocyte20 000
Petra Wåhlin MassaliThe book “Den knottriga skönheten” by Elisabeth Beijer Meschke and Michael Meschke25 000
Karin SidénSilent Beauty. Nordic and East Asian Interaction, an exhibition at the Art Museum Waldemarsudde80 000
Daniel JohannessonRobot vs. humans (look how to apply Japans work with healthcare robotics into Swedish healthcare)20 000
Anna PerssonStudies in business, social science and economics.25 000
Sofia HjortbergGraphic Design Internship in Japan15 000
sara elggrenDô-Sô Artist in Residence, weaving in Yamanashi textile district15 000
Philip EldrotYouth For Understanding High School Exchange Program to Japan40 000
Mikael Andreas José KöllerforsPursuit of a BA in International Relations in Japan37 000
Anna-Helena KlarareAssociations between health, work environment and demographic data in various care contexts30 000
Anders Häger JönsonResearch trip for “Postcard Memories “- Documentary film on Osamu Dezaki documentary film15 000
Yoko Andersson YamanoHandmade functional glass objects in Still life15 000
Nicolas BjörkeforsAsian Studies and Business Administration in Informatics20 000
Isabelle Anna Emelie GenarpExchange studies at University of Tokyo30 000
Julia MadåsThe greatness of the compact – a research trip about how living small can make a big impact.30 000
Suzanna QueckbörnerMarketing authorisation, pricing policy and reimbursement of licensed cell therapy in Japan and EU30 000
Charlotte SkoglundApplication for student scholarships50 000
Mersida Alic och Åsa WesterlundDialysaccesses in Japan30 000
Aki SiegelInteractional patterns between Japanese and Swedish speakers20 000
Jon ThunqvistNya Japanpodden50 000
Emma SödergrenStudying graduate level economics and business at Kyushu University20 000
MarkusArtist-in-residency at Artnshelter, Tokyo15 000
Madeleine VuApplication for tuition fee aid of term Spring/Summer 202020 000
Simon EkholstExchange studies20 000
Ann-Charlotte Nelson RahmeDeveloping Fish Skin as a Sustainable Raw Material for the Fashion Industry15 000
Arvid OlsonExchange program studies in Japanese culture and music for use in bachelor exam-project.20 000
Elin PalmThe Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – challenges and opportunities in Sweden and Japan39 000
Jonas OlssonClimate change impacts on urban flood risk20 000
Cecilia KraitzJourney for the experience and understanding of the importance and development of Raku in Japan.15 000
Stina JelbringPresentation of the paper “Approaches to World Literature” at EAJS conference 20207 000
Jacob PerssonExchange studies at Tokyo University35 000
NiklasISDP-ERIA Roundtable on “Human Security in a Changing World”75 000
Jacob kellermannRecording Toru Takemitsus complete works for guitar and orchestra20 000
Teodor LinderExchange study at Tohoku University, Department of Management, Science and Technology30 000
Pooria Nazem JalaliCollaborative Research in Casting Mould Powders Between SWERIM AB and Tokyo Institute of Technology30 000
Tobias LundgrenResearch of Japanese building tradition, from the past to today, and how it relates to Sweden15 000
Philip BarsanA study of the design concepts in traditional Japanese architecture15 000
Josefin AnderssonExchange to University of Tokyo through USTEP (Type G)20 000
Daniel SandströmUrban Planning and Architecture in Various Japanese Neighbourhoods15 000
Samuel MichaelssonSecond workshop with Terunobu Fujimori in Gothenburg with Swedish architects25 000
Astrid GabrielssonOutside the city30 000
Sweden-Japan FoundationPromotion of Japan and studies in Japan in Sweden40 000
Jonathan Timo Olav ViinikkaMaster30 000
Mattias HållstenStudies in Shō15 000
Hans BirkedalPreparing studies before exchange year20 000
Lorenzo DuqueKimono Haori – Kimono Mottainai / Wearing Art in Stockholm fall 2020 – fall 202150 000
Jonathan Lou Salvatierra EsguerraRNA-based precision therapeutics and diagnostics in diabetes25 000